Why join RAES

RAES gathers all efforts in promoting and developing the minimally invasive video-assisted
The General Assembly of R.A.E.S. decided to keep the R.A.E.S. membership fee at the same low level
– practiced since its establishment.
Through its status of association affiliated to E.A.E.S. (European Association of Endoscopic Surgery),
R.A.E.S. has obtained important facilities for its members.
Thus, in exchange for payment of a registration fee reduced by 50%, R.A.E.S. members can become
full E.A.E.S. members.
Among the advantages of being a member of the prestigious European Association, we emphasize
the inclusion in the membership fee of the subscription to the monthly edition of Surgical Endoscopy
and the online access to the entire collection of the journal.
Also, the Romanian surgeons members of R.A.E.S. enjoy very important discounts on the
participation fees to EAES congresses.