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Societies of surgery
Surgical resources
  • – a very useful site recommended to the beginners for laparoscopic techniques
  • Laparoscopy Hospital – a site with surgical techniques movies, free medical software, on-line handbook for laparoscopy.
  • – this e-medicine Internet Applications System is designed to be a web support for telemedicine and associated activities carried out in the frame of the Fundeni Telemedicine Pilot and the Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Human Biological Welfare

Revista Chirurgia

The official journal of the Romanian Society of Surgery, founded in 1897 by Prof. Thoma Ionescu.



The Journal of Surgery

Surgical EndoscopySurgical Endoscopy represents the surgical aspects of interventional endoscopy, ultrasound, and other techniques in the fields of gastroenterology, obstetrics, gynecology, and urology, as well as gastroenterologic, thoracic, traumatic, orthopedic, and pediatric surgery. It is a worldwide forum for the description and discussion of various aspects of interventional endoscopy and ultrasound as integral elements of surgical practice. Interventional endoscopy and ultrasound have permitted decisive advances in surgery.