About ARCE

The Romanian Association for Endoscopic Surgery (RAES), was founded in July 2001, due to the initiative of 28 enthusiastic specialists from 5 Bucharest hospitals: 20 general surgeons, 2 thoracic surgeons, 5 gastroenterolosgists, and 1 paediatric surgeon.

Today the Association has members from all over the country, mainly general surgeons but also gathering many doctors from other surgical specialities, gastroenterology, anaesthesia, et al.

The main purpose of the founders was to promote and to develop in Romania the applications of endoscopic surgery and of the allied miniinvasive interventional techniques.

To fulfill this assumed task, RAES has organized various activities, as training programs, workshops, courses in the specific field, but also symposia, conferences and national congresses.

For an efficient and controlled activity, the general assembly of RAES has established dedicated committees for education, research and publications, technology and public relations.

The Educational Committee promotes the organizing of training courses in the accreditated laparoscopic centers, offering official certificates with CME credits.

For each course the faculty includes the best experts in laparoscopy. The practical hands-on training is one of the most attractive aspects of these courses.l

The RAES site gives in plenty information concerning the national and international events, educational and training programs, links to other scientific societies and publications.

A distinct segment offers the opportunity to watch minimally invasive procedures in different surgical specialities.

RAES is actively involved in the Romanian Society of Surgery and is affiliated to the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, participating in all its activities.