NOBEZ – Prima conferinta nationala care integreaza 17 specialități implicate in preventia si managementul obezitatii, 15 – 17 aprilie 2016, IASI – ROMANIA

foto-sala-41-473x724-71Dragi colegi si prieteni,

Imi revine deosebita placere sa va anunt si sa va invit la conferinta nationala “Abordul multidisciplinar in preventia si managementul obezitatii”, manifestare ce va avea loc la Iasi, in salile Centrului de conferinte Palas, in perioada 15-17 aprilie 2016.

Ne adresam tuturor colegilor din specialitatile medicale implicate in cercetarea, preventia si managementul obezitatii – de la medici specialisti, chirurgi, medici de familie la asistenti medicali, psihologi, nutritionisti sau cercetatori. De aceea, programul conferintei se va axa si va incuraja schimbul de experienta, va oferi fiecaruia oportunitatea de a-si completa cunostintele si de a interactiona cu colegi din alte specialitati medicale.

Fiind pe deplin constienti de amploarea pe care o ia fenomenul si de nevoia urgenta de preventie si management a obezitatii, pe de o parte, dar si de caracterul multidisciplinar al echipei medicale implicate, pe de alta parte, ne dorim sa atragem atentia asupra nevoii de implicare la toate nivelurile sociale: familie, scoala, medici, spitale etc.

Va asteptam la Iasi!

Dr. Daniel Timofte

Presedintele conferintei



Globesity Challenge International Workshop, Latina – Italy, 26th of September 2014

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The organizer offers 50% reduction of registration fee for RAES members.

Dear collegues,

the growing epidemic of obesity burdens all over the world is fully expressed by the term “globesity”.

The myriad of medical, social and economics implications of morbid obesity have highlighted during the last decades the limitations of the conservative noninterventional medical treatment.

Today laparoscopic bariatric/metabolic surgery provides the greatest, most reliable and durable benefits for the obese patients with severe complications, allowing the “cure” of type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and cardiovascular diseases in the majority of cases.

However, the obese represent a challenge for surgeons, anesthesiologists and all the members of the multidisciplinary team.

The “globesity” challenge requires all the efforts of a multidisciplinary team to offer the best standard of care and to guarantee a safe and effective perioperative management of the obese patients both in bariatric and general surgery procedures. In this international workshop we will share the experience of European bariatric centers of excellence and update interdisciplinary guidelines for perioperative management of the obese patient.

Leading experts will build the framework of the workshop focusing on preoperative workup, preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative management. Sufficient time will be reserved to discussion during the scientific sessions.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Latina

Save the date : Friday September 26, 2014

Gianfranco Silecchia & Consalvo Mattia


The 14th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery, Paris, June 25-28, 2014

The 14th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery will be held in Paris, June 25-28, 2014 under the auspices of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) in conjonction with the SFCE (Société Française de Chirurgie Endoscopique) and the International Society for Laparoscopic ColoRectal Surgery (ISLCRS).

As this is a World Congress, other societies either under the umbrella of the International Federation of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons (IFSES), including SAGES (Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons), the Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia (ELSA), Federación Latino Americana de Cirugia (FELAC), and Asociacion Latinoamericano de Cirugia Endoscopica (ALACE), or independent, such as, the Asia Pacific and European hernia societies, will be joining us.

The Congress will be held in the world famous Palais des Congrès, located in the center of Paris, just a 10 minute walk from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées.





Home of some 3,800 historical monuments and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Paris is the sixth largest agglomeration in the world, and the most visited city in the world tourist wise.

The name of “Paris” was derived from the Roman name  ‘Lutetia Parisiorum ‘ („Lutetia of the Parisii”, probably the name of one of the Celtic tribes living and working as craftsmen in the area at that time)  in the third century AD. Paris is called „La Ville-Lumière” („The City of Light”), owing first to its fame as a center of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment, and later to its early adoption of street lighting.

We have adapted the theme of “Let there be light”, a wish that refers to the essential role that vision(and the light source) holds in minimal access surgery, but also to the clear scientific messages that the meeting hopes to bring to the scientific community and last, the notion that transparency in minimal access surgery represents the hopes and wishes of our patients while enjoying the benefits of minimally access surgery with optimal outcomes.

In the names of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery and the sister minimal access surgery organizations around the world, I invite you all to what we hope will be a monument in Paris, and  in the history of World Endoscopic Meetings.

„Let there be light”!
“Let the light shine”!








Abe Fingerhut  MD, DSC (Hon), FACS, FRCPS (g), FRCS (ed)
President of the 14th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery

For more information and to see the Congress web site click here.

Also, click here to see video!!


Al VII-lea Congres ARCE – 2013

Dragi colegi și prieteni,

Îmi revine deosebita plăcere de a vă invita să participați la cel de-al VII-lea Congres Național  al Asociației Române pentru Chirurgie Endoscopică – A.R.C.E.

Urmând tradiția A.R.C.E., Congresul va aborda subiecte avangardiste din chirurgia laparoscopică, punând accentul pe standardizarea procedurilor de chirurgie laparoscopică. Scopul propus este acela de a oferi pacienților noștri operații chirurgicale de eficiență sporită.


21st International Congress of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, June 19-22, 2013 Vienna, Austria


IBC TRANS-CONTINENTAL DEBATE. Surgical vs Medical Treatment of Diabetes. 19 December 2012

Join us for the Historic Face Off!
Surgical vs Medical Treatment of Diabetes. Two World Class Gladiators will face off in a Vivid Display Knowledge and Insight at bell time featuring: In one Corner Professor Francesco Rubino, and in the other corner Professor John Dixon. Refereeing and moderating these blood thirsty opponents will be Professor Phillip Schauer. Don’t miss this historic event. Watch it live through Livestream on your Computer or Smartphone. More details here!